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From financial markets and politics to business and social issues, Dan Ferris and our Stansberry Analysts offer candid discussion on today’s most important headlines. Each week you’ll hear exclusive interviews with guest investment experts, authors, and top thinkers such as Jim Rogers, Kevin O’Leary, Glenn Beck, PJ O’Rourke, and Jim Grant.

Dec 5, 2022

We're kicking off this week with a special Stansberry Investor Hour episode on all things cryptocurrency... and it's a roundtable talk. Dan Ferris and co-host Corey McLaughlin sit down with the perfect guest for today's show: Stansberry's in-house crypto guru Eric Wade.

Eric is the editor of Crypto Capital, Crypto Cashflow, and the Stansberry Innovations Report at Stansberry Research. He got his start in cryptos by mining bitcoin and Ethereum and quickly moved on to building and programming his own miners... before going on to rack up big gains in crypto investments.

Despite the drama the FTX crash has caused, Eric says there's something afoot right now that's "much bigger news in the long run." As for the rest of this week's roundtable, Dan, Eric, and Corey discuss the future of crypto regulations... how "Brazil is the middle-class taxpayer of America"... and some challenging questions on bitcoin as a currency (posed by the ever-skeptical Dan).

Plus, the trio examines last week's New York Times interview with disgraced founder Sam "I've Had a Really Bad Month" Bankman-Fried – one that was equal parts bizarre, awkward, and, as Corey describes, riveting.