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From financial markets and politics to business and social issues, Dan Ferris and our Stansberry Analysts offer candid discussion on today’s most important headlines. Each week you’ll hear exclusive interviews with guest investment experts, authors, and top thinkers such as Jim Rogers, Kevin O’Leary, Glenn Beck, PJ O’Rourke, and Jim Grant.

May 14, 2020

On this week's episode of the Stansberry Investor Hour, Dan kicks off the show with a rant about Bitcoin. He shares what makes Bitcoin different from other fiat currencies and argues that everyone should own a small amount.

Then, Dan brings author, Matt Ridley, onto the podcast for this week's interview. Matt is an award-winning author who has written books such as Genome, The Rational Optimist, The Evolution of Everything and many more. His books have been translated into 31 different languages and have sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Matt and Dan discuss the Coronavirus, and the global response to it. Are governments around the world doing the right thing? Are people right to worry? Or is there cause to be more optimistic?

Then on this week's mailbag, Dan gets a lot of heat from some of the listeners. Is last week's guest, Bill Browder, a crook? Was the Russian government the real victim? Did Dan buy into Bill's propaganda?

Dan examines the arguments from some listeners and fires back.