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From financial markets and politics to business and social issues, Dan Ferris and our Stansberry Analysts offer candid discussion on today’s most important headlines. Each week you’ll hear exclusive interviews with guest investment experts, authors, and top thinkers such as Jim Rogers, Kevin O’Leary, Glenn Beck, PJ O’Rourke, and Jim Grant.

Sep 18, 2023

On this week's Stansberry Investor Hour, Dan and Corey are joined by Stansberry colleague Greg Diamond the editor of Ten Stock Trader, a trading service based on technical analysis. Dan and Corey cover the European Central Bank raising its rates to a multidecade high, inflation "killing people on Main Street" who are racking up credit-card debt, and poverty levels rising. (00:41)

Next, Greg joins the conversation by talking about his overall perspective on the market. He explains why he thinks "2024 is going to be a trader's market" despite believing that huge uptrends will come to an end. And he says banks will play a crucial role in determining overall market health (18:03)

Regardless of these concerns, Greg maintains a bullish sentiment as long as the existing upward trend remains intact. "It's not time to sell yet," he emphasizes. He then proceeds to share his insights on the Fed, highlighting its inherently political nature and its susceptibility to political influence.  (30:53)

Finally, Greg discusses his primary objective when determining whether a market is poised to rise or fall. To leverage his positions, he frequently embraces higher risk levels but carefully optimizes his trading advantage in other ways. (40:14)

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