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From business, investing and politics to entertainment and social issues, Buck & Porter offer candid, intelligent, and entertaining takes on today's most important headlines...inviting a variety of guests, experts, and you to join the conversation. Buck Sexton is a former CIA and NYC Police Department Intelligence Officer who can now be heard each weeknight on Premier Network's "Buck Sexton & America Now" radio broadcast. Porter Stansberry is the outspoken founder of Stansberry Research - now one of the largest and most recognized investment research firms in the world with over 500,000 subscribers.

Jun 21, 2018

Chris Mayer, editor of Chris Mayer’s Focus at Bonner & Partners, joins Buck to discuss the four simple things anyone can do to succeed in the stock market, how he builds a portfolio for the stock-averse founder of Agora Publishing, Bill Bonner, and what he looks for in companies that could be potential “100 bagger” investments.


John Gillin and Scott Garliss stop by to give you a preview of the new Investors Marketcast podcast from Stansberry Research. You’ll hear about the classic signs of a recession that are starting to be more obvious in economies around the globe, why a projected 2.25% Fed rate hike could be deadly for bond markets by 2020, and what it means for the markets right now when fund managers are still holding record amounts of cash.


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