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From business, investing and politics to entertainment and social issues, Buck & Porter offer candid, intelligent, and entertaining takes on today's most important headlines...inviting a variety of guests, experts, and you to join the conversation. Buck Sexton is a former CIA and NYC Police Department Intelligence Officer who can now be heard each weeknight on Premier Network's "Buck Sexton & America Now" radio broadcast. Porter Stansberry is the outspoken founder of Stansberry Research - now one of the largest and most recognized investment research firms in the world with over 500,000 subscribers.

Jul 18, 2018

Porter gets immediately to the heart of Netflix’s recent woes in this 60th episode of Stansberry Investor Hour. It may have 100 million subscribers (including Porter) but the $163 billion company could be doomed thanks to one simple corporate calculation. “I have yet to call for the end of Netflix… but I can see the ending on the horizon.”

Buck asks about Elon Musk’s head-scratching decision to call a British rescue diver he didn’t know a “pedo” and Porter explains the method to his madness. When your whole career is a “Wizard of Oz” style act, you want people talking about anything, even outrageous behavior, before they look at your balance sheets.

Buck introduces Roddy Boyd, an independent journalist who not only eschews advertisers but also paid subscribers, choosing to distribute his findings for free. His Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation has exposed some of the biggest abuses on Wall Street since 2012, and head’s been credited by New York Magazine for exposing “perhaps the worst Ponzi scheme ever.”

Now he has a new warning about a company masquerading as a promising pharmaceutical company and head’s ready to explain how he knows it could be the next Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which he was working to expose in 2014, when the high-flying stock was still fooling thousands of investors. 

What’s truly amazing - and what makes Porter “slightly suspicious“ - is that this incredible research, which could have made hedge funds fortunes from shorting the paper tigers Boyd uncovers, is being offered to readers for free.

We think, after the epic fraud Boyd has uncovered that was often hiding in plain sight, you won’t want to miss his latest warning.